Jazz Dancers

It´s not easy but not difficult either! No es facil! Dificil tampoco! Alicia and her dance partner Jazz Dancers, Havana, Cuba Owners of the Pena, waiting for the Jazz Dancers Lazaro visiting Ramiro Miles Davis is Ramiro´s favourite. Lazaro looking through the old Vinyls The Nicolas Brothers Most of them learnt how to dance Jazz by watching the old American movies. But the meet at a regular basis at their pena. Alicia calling her friends: Vamos bailar! Alicia and her husband Alejandro coming by motorbike Chilling on the veranda before dancing House owner and Noemi preparing some salad. They call him Picasso. He is one of the Cuban cousins of Picasso!!! Julian pointing at photo of Dizzy Gillespie who once visited the pena! Alicia and the Artist Jazzpainting on the Wall of the House Alicia Dancing with Alejandro Smoking Cuban Peso Cigar DJ Williams, son of the owner of the pena; There are some young people too. Wild Party in the Pena Lazaro usually acts as barceeper There are singers, steppers, paint artists, ... Stepper Angelo Montes Young People love to come as well. And there is not just Jazz. They dance to Salsa, Jazz, Artist dancing in front of his painting of Dizzy Gillespie Noemi and her husband Lazaro Another excellent singer ... and dancer House Owner smoking cigarette The pena is called 'jazz plaza'


This group of  mostly black Havana seniors met when they where young in the 1940´s. They learnt how to dance to Jazz music from US movies.  After the Revolution they were discriminated as US-friendly because of their love to Jazz.
They had to stop. Today they found each other again and they maintain their vitality.  As they can´t afford to dance in bars as  they used to, they dance in someone´s home, their pena. Special thanks to Lazaro who showed me around. Unfortunately he passed away recently.

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© 2011 Ingrid Firmhofer Photography

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